#10 Earl Elliot & Ryan Kahl

Masters of Failure is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Ali Sultan. Each week there is a fun guest exploring their worst experiences in dating, sex, career and more! The objective is to share and celebrate the growth made from these failures and motivate people to put themselves out there.

In this Episode Ali has his guests Earl Elliot and Ryan Kahl spin his wheel of shame.

"I'm sitting in the shower just shaking just, ride it out ride it out and then I'm like, why am saying ride it out"? ~ Earl Elliot

"And I remember looking at myself in the mirror and just like praying to god and being like please fucking make me not be high anymore I promise I will never do any other drugs again."   ~ Ryan Kahl

"Man this is kind of fucking awful, i'm in a studio apartment, next to Joe, on a water bed, having sex with someone who is making baby noises.....and then she got her period. Sp ya, that was swell." ~ Ali Sultan

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