Episode 5: "Bath Salts" aka FLAKKA

Bath Salts , Flakka, Gravel.  In this episode i sit down with ..... Myself and go over some of the information i could find about "Bath Salts".  the links to the videos i go over can be found in the description below.

Intro: Jeff the world - HH

Outro: T-hoot - Bath salt

Artwork: Andrew Deutsch

MDPV Wikipedia

Kid being an asshole on bathsalts

Tin Shack salt overdose

Trip report B- from errowid

An errowid Trip report i forgot to mention involving dillusion and little asian men

Freddy Sharp

Freddy Sharp CNN interview full

Man cuts unborn baby from womb

Man commits suicide after using bathsalts

Miami Cannibal Attack wiki

Trip report Bad trip

Alpha - PVP (a-pvp)

Florida woman cant walk right

Former FLAKKA user

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